The Ma'ale Gilboa Renewable Energy Wind Farm

The Shlomo Shmeltzer Visitors Center

Video: Eyal Berger

You are invited to the The Shlomo Shmeltzer Visitors Center at Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa!

We’ll start off with a bird’s eye view of the Springs Valley, the Gilboa Mountains, the Lower Galilee and the Gilead Mountain Range.

Next we’ll visit the Visitors Center, view unique wind sculptures, and practice the fundamentals of building and running a wind turbine via an interactive computer game. There’s also a short movie about the amazing power of the wind. We’ll take a short walking tour alongside the wind turbines and view the wind turbines up close.

Ma’ale Gilboa is at the forefront of producing renewable energies. In 2019 Ma’ale Gilboa was awarded the Green Ten Award for innovations in the field of green energies. After a view of the wind turbines we’ll learn about solar power panels, and the plans for a regional biogas facility. We’ll also get an explanation of the new pumped storage power station and its 2.7 million cubic meter water reservoir.

Optional workshops and special activities are available, suitable for children, adults, students, school trips, and tours for groups of all ages.

The Visitors Center is air-conditioned and open throughout the year, regardless if the wind is howling or just a gentle breeze…


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Photography: E.M

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